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Ten years ago, we might have seen global and local as the two ends of a divided spectrum, but today we are appreciating that we can be both - we can be GLOCAL.

We have learned that success in the emerging markets requires adaptation to local tastes, attitudes and values. Thus, a hybrid of global and local is not only possible, but also the most probable outcome.

Reasons to believe

1 - Better Living Through Technology
Technologies enable us to control and customize the sensory of your home from lighting to atmosphere, creating an optimal environment to live.
2 - Life In The Cloud
More of our physical possessions from media and photographs printable product designs move to the cloud, where they can be accessed from anywhere, freeing up space inside our homes.
3 - A Gentle Nudge
Our products, devices and fittings improve daily lives by providing timely reminders, prompts and alerts, helping people make better decisions about everything from your personal well being to the health of your homes.
1 - Disappearing Designs
Seamless designs that blend into the background of your homes, featuring beautiful form and functionality both when stored and in use.
2 - Feels Spread-out
Creative interior solutions make any space feel bigger than its square-footage by allowing every room to accommodate multiple occasions, people and needs.
3 - Owner Centered
Interior décor arrangements happen on demand, as living spaces become infinitely customizable, allowing homes to change from need to needs.
1 - Access More, Own Less
Customized solutions for the home are designed to accommodate a wider range of needs throughout the time while bringing greater functionality and flexibility to glocal lifestyles.
2 - Environment Adaptive
Urban lifestyles that nurture nature are of paramount importance to the homes we design along with its functionality and greater flexibility.
3 - Green Infusion
Greater efficiencies become standard features of all our products and appliances, allowing everyone to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle without altering their habits or purchase behavior.